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Personal And Business Tax Preparation
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Whether you are a single individual, a family, working or self employed, sole proprietor or partnership you have yearly tax return obligations. Trust your tax preparation and advice to someone who meets all Federal Tax Preparer requirements like the Belvin Group of Companies, LLC.  Always ask if your Tax Preparer can represent you in IRS actions. 


For individuals we can handle basic to the most complicated individual tax returns. From forms 1040EZ to Itemized deductions and schedules. If you are required to make quarterly estimated payments we can handle that process for you. If  you want to avoid owing the government at the end of the year let us examine your withholding and help you adjust filing status and number of dependents.


For sole proprietors, business partnerships, network marketing (Mary Kay, Avon Products, etc.) and cash intensive businesses like barbers, beauticians, limousine, taxi and OTR truck drivers let us show you the special benefits and expenses that the government allow you to deduct.  


For small retail and other cash intensive businesses we can also take care of your monthly, quarterly, and annual deposits and reporting to the state agencies.



Full bookkeeping options available where you select a level of service and pricing options that fit your situation. You can scan your documents and email the source data, or upload the source data to our website


Monthly fees are based on the number of transactions so you pay based on workload rather than on an inflated monthly fee. You have all of the option of doing your financial services from the comfort of your offices, our office or anywhere that you have an internet connection.


One of the most time consuming task for the small business owner is paying employees. If you don’t have a full time onsite bookkeeper and don’t wish to spend one day a week with on payroll, please give us a call.


Your employees can be paid by direct deposit, a debit card or paper checks. We also take the worry out of filing your periodic withholding and social security deposits and reports


Our fees are surprisingly low and are based on your number of employees. Give us a call to find out how convenient and cost effective that our payroll processing can be.



…Then saith he unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s: and unto God the things that are God’s. Matt 22:21 (KJV).


Don’t get caught up in the thought that the Internal Revenue Service does not pay attention to churches and pastors. The rise of the  Mega – Church, Mega – Pastor and their popularity  has brought government attention to all religious institutions no matter how large or small. If your church doesn’t have a staff person whose job it is to answer the following questions:


  1. Who is a Minister for Tax Purposes?
  2. Is a minister employed or self-employed?
  3. How do social security rules apply to ministers?
  4. How do ministers pay their taxes?
  5. What is a minister’s housing allowance?
  6. What is an accountable reimbursement plan?


We can help churches, ministers and responsible officers and directors stay within the law and out of the sights of the IRS examiners.